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'hospital-based outpatient rehabilitation clinic'
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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): proportion of outpatients with COPD for whom shortness of breath is a measured and recorded using the Medical Research Council (MRC) scale at least once a year. 2013 Jan. NQMC:008293
Competence Centre for Clinical Quality and Health Informatics West - International Agency; The Danish registry for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - National Government Agency [Non-U.S.]. View all measures by the developer(s)
Ambulatory care: summary of utilization of ambulatory care in the following categories: outpatient visits and ED visits. 2014 Sep. NQMC:009894
National Committee for Quality Assurance - Health Care Accreditation Organization. View all measures by the developer(s)
Chronic stable coronary artery disease: percentage of patients in an outpatient clinical practice who have had a qualifying event during the previous 12 months who have been referred to an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation (CR) program. 2011 Jan. NQMC:007243
American College of Cardiology Foundation - Medical Specialty Society; American Heart Association - Medical Specialty Society; Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement® - Clinical Specialty Collaboration. View all measures by the developer(s)
1-20 of 83   Next >